Stunning Polished Finish Men’s Titanium Wedding Band

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Width: 6mm
Edge: Domed
Finish: Polished
Metal: Titanium



This men’s titanium wedding band has a domed edge, a unique polished accent and features a polished finish. It measures 6-millimetres wide.

While rings with fancy designs might catch your eye initially, a wedding band is something you’ll be wearing for life, so often it’s better to choose a simple, classic design like this one. Being made from titanium means that this ring is both strong and lightweight. An excellent choice both from a design perspective, and also for practicality.

Buy This Ring If:

  • You like a ring to be super light
  • You like a polished finish
  • You like a clean look
  • You wanted something modern
  • You need your ring to be hypo-allergenic
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