Please note: The following graphic and comparison chart below it is based on products from Mens Rings Online only, using our formulas. Jewellery produced by other companies can vary significantly in the quality and grades of materials used, and may produce differing results to the chart below. All Mens Rings Online products have been extensively tested, including having rings in each material removed in the emergency room of a hospital.


which is the best metal for wedding ring


Comparison Chart

Titanium Tungsten Carbide Ceramic Stainless Steel 18k Gold 925 Silver
Strength Very High High High Very High Low Low
Scratch Resistance High Very High Very High Medium Low Low
Hypoallergenic Very High High Very High High Low Low
Conductive? Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Tarnish? No No No No Yes Yes
Can stain skin? No No No No Yes Yes
Removable in Emergency? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes