Wedding Rings for Men Ideas

Wedding rings for men have become ornate and full of designs much like women’s rings. When looking for the best design for the wedding band there are a few questions you should be asking. These questions will look at your lifestyle, comfort levels and personal preference. All of these things will need to be looked at before a design is chosen.

Lifestyle appropriate ring designs

When looking at designs the person’s lifestyle should be looked at. Some question to ask are; whether you will be wearing the ring at work, will you be doing manual labour with the ring on, are you going to play sports while wearing the ring? Designs with intricate grooves will cause problems for people who work with their hands. Designs should also not catch on anything during work as this can cause irritation and in some cases injury. Athletic men need to consider whether the design will in any way impede their athletic abilities or injury them by rubbing against their other fingers.

Rings that reflect personality

The personality of the man has a great impact on the designs of the wedding ring. The design of the ring can be something they enjoy. Couples who like a TV show may want to have the insignia of the show on the ring. If the man likes the newest technology then geometric designs on titanium or tungsten rings would work. Is the person bold or daring? If they are then try a custom design or two tone rings which are very different to what people normally have. Cultural or ethnic backgrounds can also be the basis of the ring design.

Comfort levels of the ring design

As wedding rings are made to be worn every day the design should not reduce the comfort levels. Men with sensitive skin need to be careful of the metal used and the designs. Some intricate designs can irritate the skin on the middle and pinkie finger which is particularly painful for people with sensitive skin. Ring designs which incorporate curves and unusual bends in ring can cause discomfort as they separate the fingers in irregular manners. Some designs require the band to be larger than normal. Rings which cover too much of the finger and be very uncomfortable and cause the hand to work incorrectly.

The metal of the ring

The type of metal the wedding band is made of can greatly affect the designs. Some rings are able to hold certain designs while the same design would look odd in a different metal. The most common metals that these rings are made from are gold, platinum, silver, tungsten and titanium. Gold is one of the most popular choices as it is traditional but newer metals like titanium and tungsten are increasing in popularity.

Designs with gemstones

Most people do not combine men’s wedding bands and gemstones. This is often thought to be a female trait however it is possible to include smaller stones in male rings. The stones could be complimentary to the female ring but smaller and they will generally be embedded in the metal of the band.

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