Tips For Buying A Mens Wedding Ring

Wedding rings were commonly given to brides and ancient Egyptians and Greeks believed the finger we know as the ‘ring finger’ had a vein in it that was directly connected to the heart.

Based on that symbolism, cultures throughout the ages encouraged grooms to present rings to their brides, which is where the custom originates. Men did not normally wear a wedding band but it is a common practice in this day and age for both a bride and groom to exchange rings.

How do you choose a men’s ring?

There are a number of general guidelines to consider such as his lifestyle. If he is active or has a job that could potentially damage his ring, durability will be a major concern. Good choices would include titanium, palladium and tungsten. Next would be platinum, gold, ceramic then silver.

If durability is not a concern, then the choice gets slightly easier as all the above listed metal compositions contain a variety of beautiful ring designs to choose from.

Another good rule of thumb when selecting a men’s wedding ring is how it goes with his personality. If you were to identify each ring in a display with an adjective, which ones also describe the man who will be wearing it? Try to match the two for a sensible fit.

The next thing to look at is cost. Tungsten and silver are probably the most affordable and if you are on a budget, you won’t want to blow it on the ring when the wedding will likely eat up the majority of it. You may choose just to go with the most affordable choice for the wedding with the goal of saving up to get more elaborate rings in the future, say on your fifth wedding anniversary or whenever it happens.

Since the bride and groom’s rings are meant to symbolize a match similar to that of the soon-to-be married couple, they should look good together. That doesn’t mean they need to be a perfect copy of each other, but if his is going to be tungsten, so should hers.

Religious and cultural symbols may have significance to the groom, which should also have an effect on the ring selection for him. The symbolism will have greater meaning to him, but if it is not an issue it will make ring selection a bit simplier.

The last tip in buying the right wedding ring for him is sizing. Even if he knows what his ring size is, it is best to have it confirmed by the jewelry store, as a wedding ring should fit perfectly not fit fine or alright depending on the day. Also, depending on the kind of ring you select, resizing may not be an option. For example, tungsten and ceramic rings typically can’t be resized and titanium rings are expensive to resize. Also if a ring has an engraving on it, resizing may end up damaging the engraving.

It’s not rocket science when you find yourself shopping for a men’s wedding ring, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind to make that job much easier.

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