Whether they are made from tungsten, titanium or precious metals, men’s rings still need to be taken care of, otherwise they can all be destroyed in a variety of ways. Please also read down to the “Elements” section, as this is important for many of our rings.

The Metals

Gold and Platinum Rings

The precious metals may have the longest history, but they are also the softest of all of the metals we sell. They can scratch, bend and dent easier than modern metals, but on the bright side, they can also be easily polished or refinished at your local jeweller. If you are participating in highly manly activities, you may want to consider putting tape around your ring, or leaving it in a safe place until the activity is over.

Titanium Rings

Titanium is strong, and more scratch and dent resistant than the precious metals, but it can still scratch more easily than something like tungsten for example. It can also be re-polished at your local jeweller, but you probably shouldn’t wear it while bench-pressing twice your body-weight at the gym.

Tungsten And Ceramic Rings

Out of all of our rings, our tungsten and ceramic rings both share the similar qualities of extreme hardness and being virtually scratch-proof. Hardness isn’t without its drawbacks however, as it is possible for a tungsten or ceramic ring to fracture when dropped from a height onto a hard surface (like dropping it in the shower). Now, we’ve also dropped tungsten rings from a five┬ástory building onto a concrete path without them breaking, but we don’t recommend you try this at home.

Pure Wood Rings

Our pure wood rings are stunning because they a made from real wood. The problem is, they’re made from real wood! This means that they are softer than all metals, and can warp if exposed to too much water. We don’t recommend you wear your wood ring in the shower, or while swimming. If you look after it, it will be one of your favourite rings for a very long time.

The Elements

Many of our designs often use more than just their base metals, so it is important to understand how to care for rings that have plating, or use more than one material.


Many of our most popular designs use ion plating to achieve the desired look. This can be using a black material, or even gold. While this creates stunning designs that might not otherwise be possible, plating can be scratched or worn off if the ring isn’t looked after. A plain polished tungsten ring might be virtually scratch-proof for example, but one with gold or black plating is not as scratch-proof, so more care should b taken to ensure the design looks stunning for years to come.


We use pure wood in many of our designs, and while some of these have clear resin to protect the wood, some use exposed wood on either the inner or outer band. This wood is subject to the laws of nature, in that it can warp if exposed to too much water, so it should be kept dry as much as possible.


We would never tell you what ring you should wear as a wedding ring, and what rings might be best suited as a dress ring, as every one of our customers lead different lives, with different occupations and different hobbies. It is important for you to determine what metal and what elements you want to go with that metal will suit your lifestyle and habits. If you would like any help or further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.