Men’s Wedding Rings Don’t Have To Be Boring

When looking at men’s wedding rings people generally tend to go for the simple bands without much adornment. While these kinds of rings do offer a sort of understated sense of elegance they can also be seen as rather boring. Wedding rings come in a range of different styles and with many different designs. It is best to look at the different styles available and then look at which one you will feel the most comfortable wearing.

Braided wedding rings

Braided wedding rings are very eye catching and should really be worn by men who do not mind attracting attention with their jewellery. Aside from the ornate nature of the ring braded wedding bands have been used greatly for their symbolism. The braids set within this ring are often used to symbolise the joining of two people in marriage. Of course, you do not have to purchase these bands because of their symbolism as the aesthetics of the ring is a great factor as well. The thickness of these bands will vary and each thickness will have its own appeal.

Textured wedding rings

Buying a textured wedding ring will open a host of possibilities in terms of style and design. One of the many designs that are popular is the pebbled design. This design will catch the eye and the texture of this ring is rougher against the other fingers. Another design which many people opt for is the hand-hammered texture. These rings appear to have been made by hand and will include small imperfections which make them rather unique. If the man the ring is for fidgets or plays with his jewellery often then a textured ring is best. Possibly one of the best textured ring designs for men who fidget are those with raised and lowered areas. The surfaces of these rings are not level which offers the fingers more area to move around on when fidgeting.

Banded wedding rings

If you are having a problem deciding on the kind of metal you want the ring to be made of you should consider banded rings. These rings combine a number of different metals to create an aesthetically pleasing mixture of different bands of metal. So if you are looking for the durability of titanium but want the value and look of gold then these are the best rings of you. This does not mean that these rings are flashy but depending on the mixture of metals they will draw attention. The most common banded wedding rings will be made of hard metals like tungsten and titanium with a band of gold in the middle. This is done for the added value and for the aesthetic nature of gold against silver.

Men’s weddings bands do not have to be dull and boring single metal bands. There are many designs on the market which work just as well for this occasion. Some of these designs are chosen for their symbolism while others are chosen purely for their aesthetic appeal.

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