Did you know that it’s often more difficult to find out your ring size if you are a man than if you are a woman? This is simply because as a general rule, men have a much wider range of ring sizes than women do. So while it might be true that our most popular size is T 1/2 (10), the truth is, many of our customers fall outside of this size.

Mens ring sizes can also vary a bit more based on the style of ring as well. If you a looking for a smaller sized ring, but want it to be a bolder, wider style, that can also affect what size you might end up buying. This is one of the reasons why we have such a comprehensive and simple exchange process, because we want to make 100% sure that you are really happy with not only the size of the ring, but how it feels and looks on your finger.

Mens Ring Sizes ArticleEven different metals can affect how the ring sits on your finger, and comfortable it is for you. This is because precious metal mens rings like platinum and gold are often not as thick as modern metal rings like titanium and tungsten.

Finally, getting your size right can just be downright confusing, depending on the method used to size your finger. In Australia for example, we use the U.K. sizing chart, which uses a letter system (eg. T, T 1/4, T 1/2). The differences between a half size and a quarter size are so minuscule, that your ring size will actually change by more than this just by walking in to an air conditioned building on a hot day, as your finger size contracts with your finger going from the heat into the cold!

This can often lead to confusion, as you might go from one jeweller to the next, getting differing advice as to what size ring you should wear, when in reality, either size might be just fine.

This is one of the reasons why you’ll also see U.S. sizing on Mens Rings Online, because you will notice the difference between a full size and a half size.

Ultimately, finding your perfect ring size and style is best done by ordering your ring and trying it on. We also include a free ring sizer with every order, so that if the ring size isn’t to your liking, you can make sure that you exchange it for one that will fit perfectly. We also have a fit for life option that means that should you ever gain or lose weight, you can exchange it again for a small cost in years to come. The last thing we ever want is for you to be stuck with a ring that doesn’t fit, or that you don’t like, so if that ever happens, please contact us so that we can work with you to get you setup with a mens ring that truly works for you!

For more information about ring sizes and how to find out yours, please head to our ring size information page.