Facts and Myths about Titanium Rings

There are many myths out there about titanium rings and while some of them may be true most of them are not. When looking to buy these rings it is best to have all the facts about the rings and know which myths are real. It is only through having an understanding of these myths that you can make a truly well informed decision.

Titanium rings are not safe in emergencies

One of the common myths about titanium rings is that they cannot be cut off in an emergency. In many cases this myth often ends with the horror story of having a finger cut off simply to remove the ring. This is not true and is possibly a misconception based on the strength of the metal. Standard emergency room equipment is able to cut through this metal if there is an emergency.

Titanium rings won’t scratch or dent

One of the major selling points for titanium rings is that they do not scratch or dent. The facts are that titanium is harder to scratch and dent then other metals like gold. However, this does not mean that they will not scratch at all but the amount of pressure and force needed is much greater than softer metals like gold and silver.

Titanium rings can’t be engraved

This myth would also have stemmed from the thoughts of how strong titanium is. The truth is that these rings can be engraved and most jewellers will offer to do so. The engraving of these rings may not be as easy as more malleable metals like gold but it is easier than other metals such as tungsten.

Titanium rings do not cause allergic reactions

This myth is actually true as the metal titanium is a hypoallergenic. There are many people who have allergic reactions to metals like gold and silver and these people should consider titanium. The hypoallergenic properties of this metal are so powerful that hip replacements are made of this metal. However, if a low grade titanium alloy is being used for the ring there are no guarantees against allergic reactions as the mixture of compounds undermines the titanium’s hypoallergenic properties.

Titanium rings can’t be resized

The myth about resizing titanium rings is only partially true. Most people need to have the size of the ring increased and this is a problem with titanium rings. The reason for this is that these rings are made from a solid piece of titanium which cannot be melted down like metal. Skilled jewellers will be able to increase the size of the ring by half a size through shaving the inside of the band. For enlarging past this size you will need to purchase a new ring in the size you need. The same problem is faced when trying to make the ring smaller. The inability to melt the metal makes it very difficult to lower the size of the ring as sections would need to be cut away.

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