Buying Wedding Rings Online

Buying Wedding Rings Online

How To Make Sure You Purchase The Right Size Wedding Ring Online

1. If purchasing your wedding ring online you can request us to send a ring sizer to you in advance. The easiest thing to do, however, is to stop by a few jewellery stores and ask them to size you up. A lot of jewellery stores vary in sizing so it is best to get more than one.

2. When your wedding ring arrives try it on both first thing in the morning and late in the afternoon. First thing in the morning your fingers are at their smallest, by the ed of the day they will have swollen slightly. Make sure that your ring is comfortable both times. Your ring should still be able to be spun around your finger, comfortably, at the hottest point of the day. If you shake your hand at the coldest point, your ring should easily remain on your finger, it might slide more towards the knuckle but should certainly not go past this point. If you are unhappy with the fit, than take it off straight away, put it back into it’s original packaging and complete our online exchange form. Our exchange policy was designed so that you could safely and easily purchase your wedding ring online.

3. As weather and age can play such an important factor on fit of your ring, check your fit during seasonal changes. If you own one of our rings and you find the fit changes with the weather, or because of weight loss/gain, than contact us requesting a fit for life invoice. For $40AUD, we will happily exchange your current ring for a brand new one upon the return of your original. This is just another way we try and make buying a wedding ring online a comfortable decision for you.

4. Modern metals fit different to gold and silver. Different metals can sit on your finger differently, for example, a tungsten ring is usually wider and thicker than all other metals and most people need half a size larger. Titanium is thin and lightweight (yet still industrial in strength), so you may find you require a smaller size. This is something to keep in mind when deciding on what size to order. If you are trying on different designs at local jewellers to help determine your size, than you should make sure you are trying on a design that is similar to what you want to buy online (if you want a wide band, try on a wide band). However, if you find yourself needing to exchange your ring we offer your first one free provided your ring is still new and within 60 days of purchasing.

5. Comfort fit is where the inner band has been specially tapered to sit more naturally on the finger and can result in a snug fit. The design is similar to the shape of your finger so it makes it a lot more comfortable to wear daily. It is rare but for some people, this may require a different size than what you would normally buy.

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